Residential Garage Doors

At Steves garage door Repair we strive to provide the highest quality and top level security doors for companies and businesses across Vaughan, Thornhill and Markham, and the GTA.

The garage is commonly the largest opening in most buildings and as a result the door which protects that opening must be durable and secure enough to protect your business. Many garage doors break down after a few years of installation. But here at Steves Garage door Repair Richmond Hill we guarantee that the door will be installed properly and will stand the tests of time due to their quality and durability.

We offer many different styles of residential garage doors as we to serve the needs of every customer and business.

Our designs and styles fit most budgets so cost is not a concern. Offering top residential garage door brands such as Pwardor, Equal Door,AmarrGarex, & FrenchPorteResidential Garage Doors.

We even provide 24 hour service so any time of day is fine for the servicemen at Steves garage door repair.

Wooden Garage Doors

Want to make the neighbors jealous, get one of our Wooden Garage Doors to give your business a classic and elegant look. Wooden doors are very stylish and have a natural look that can’t be ignored. Have a green thumb? The wood we use is recycled and the process in which the wood is recycled is environmentally friendly.


Steel Garage Doors

Don’t want wooden doors? Take a look at our Steel Garage Doors that are strong enough to keep any unwanted guests out. The steel is refurbished and recycled from other previous steel products. And we also offer new steel doors for those who don’t want refurbished metal. The doors are heavy duty and can stand the tests of the outside neighborhood.


Garage Door Openers

We offer an exclusive top quality line of openers that will last a very long time. When using an opener you need to ensure that you can trust the quality of it and the consistency of it. you should not have to be locked out of your own building because your opener cant properly connect to the door.

We always make sure your opener always works whether coming in or out of the business.

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