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it usually happens at the worst time when your in a hurry to the doctors office or you have an important meeting. When you are in need of a garage door repair company in Richmond Hill Ontario you truly need someone local. Someone that can be at your place within 30 minutes and repair it so you can get your day going.

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Automatic Door Opener

manually lifting your garage door is no way to live your life. Automatic garage door openers exist to ensure convenience. Openers assist the door in opening and closing and assist your back and your pocket. Garage door openers by certain brands are extremely reliable like the brands Steves works with. Lift Master, Chamberlain. and Wayne Dalton. Garage door openers fully installed between $350-$650 call now for a free quote

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Choosing the perfect opener

People always ask us, which opener do i need? why is there so many to choose from? our technician will analyze your current garage door size, weight and usage and will recommend an opener that is right for you. Each one of our openers comes with 5 years guarantee.

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How Our Professionals Help you Choose the Perfect Opener?

Homeowners are bewildered at the sheer number of options for openers. There are various brands and models to select from making the decision highly complex. Our technicians analyze the choices and suggest the right opener. For your knowledge there are mainly 3 different patents for openers

  • belt-drive opener– these openers use a belt to raise and lower the door. the use of a belt helps the opener be much more quieter
  • chain-drive opener– these are usually the most preferred option with good value for money. these openers use a chain to raise and lower the door and are a bit on the noisier side.
  • screw-drive opener– these offer easy installation and low maintenance cost but have a shorter life span

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